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Juanita"Nita" Dawson LMT/MMT
MA 60494757


Nita's massages allow me to function at my best level at work and play. I greatly appreciate her skills.- T.C.

Work hard, play hard, I appreciate you! -T.C.

Customer Service, Quality. - J.C.

It was a wonderful comfortable experience. I feel better and I'll be back for sure. - SJ

Nita's massages relax my tight muscles so I can get back to work and play without pain:) -TC

Absolutely aMAZing massage. Truly talented, magic hands. It has been a looong time since I'd had a massage. She gave me the best massage ever! Took her time, was attentive to my needs & comfort, responsive to feedback, informative & knowledgeable, increased my circulation & movement, relaxed & healed, & in general... an absolute pleasure to meet. - A.H.

Awesome healing hands. I too had the privilege to be in her care and was in heaven. Yesterday I had the BEST therapeutic massage ever! Now that beautiful lady Nita Dawson has some hands on her. Thank YOU Nita so much! I will be back soon. The atmosphere was absolutely tranquil, so very peaceful & full of love. - I.S.

I could hardly move from back pain and Nita Dawson used myo-facial massage,as well as other modalities with me. When I left, I felt better, and when I woke the next morning, I could walk and move with relative ease and comfort! I know it was directly due to her knowledge and abilities. I do not hesitate to recommend her as a wonderful, caring and knowledgeable massage therapist. - K.B.

Another blissful visit with Nita made me want to add another review. This time, in addition to her (already magic) healing touch, she used CBD oil. I came in with pains throughout my body but particularly burning pain in my feet. Every step was very difficult like my nerves were lit up & raw. She used the oil in various places & added some to my feet to let it do it's magic. Magic indeed! I didn't feel anything right away. As she moved on to my leg, a few minutes later it dawned on me... the fire was GONE! Just a very dull (very manageable) ache remained. This was HEAVEN! I almost cried with joy. It was amazing to be so relaxed under her care, yet so excited at the same time. It lasted for a couple hours & my sleep was better than the night before. I wanted yo double check & test to make sure it didn't show up on a 'thc test' so i waited a couple of days & took a home thc test. Nothing showed up at all. The cbd oil is most definitely worth every cent & is an incredible tool that enhances an amazing massage. I can't say enough good about it. A miracle I'm grateful for. I highly recommend it.- A.H

Nita is a true artist when it comes to massage. Her setting is clean and delightfully decorated. She offers water, hot tea, and candies (like mints) . She listens and customises the massage to your needs. I love the oils and lotions she uses, plus, she is mindful of people's allergies when it comes to aromatherapy. She gives a great, deep massage and, to me what's more important, she has brilliant flow. I feel giddy and massage drunk after visiting her. Full disclosure, I used to work with her, but I'm notoriously picky when it comes to massage, and I have never given such a glowing review to another therapist. - S.E.