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Juanita"Nita" Dawson LMT/MMT
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» Self-Pay

» PIP Auto Injury Coverage

» Work Injury Coverage



The cost of each session is determined by it's duration. There are no hidden fees or add on charges for different modalities.

I offer a variety of "Pre-paid Plans" providing discounts for purchasing multiple visits.  These sessions may be redeemed entirely by you, or you can share them with a family member. 

I do not accept private insurance, nor do I plan to in the future. 


PIP Auto Injury Coverage

When you come in for your first massage you'll need to bring a massage referral  from your doctor or chiropractor, your  PIP claim number, and contact info for your claim manager. 

You can have the referral faxed to my office:  425-322-3397


Work Injury Coverage

If you are injured on the job Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L & I)  will pay for your medical massage therapy, as part of your overall treatment program. Please bring your RX/referral, as well as L&I claim info, and Personal ID to your first appointment.  In order to be eligible for benefits you must report a work injury to your employer and follow the guidelines set forth by the Department of Labor and Industries.



CBD cream now available to enhance your Therapeutic massage session -

Cannabis topicals can come as a salve, a cream or even an oil. They are meant to be applied to the skin and provide localized relief for pain. Pain may be from nerves, arthritis, inflammation, and general soreness, among other conditions. The benefit of a topical, to many patients, is that a topical can provide pain relief without creating a sense of being "high"